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Types conversations

TelegramBotAPI Logic handling

One of the most important topics in context of tgbotapi is types conversations. This library is very strong-typed and a lot of things are based on types hierarchy. Lets look into the hierarchy of classes for the Message in 0.35.8: As you may see, it is a litt...


TelegramBotAPI DSLs

For the text creating there are several tools. The most simple one is to concatenate several text sources to make list of text sources as a result: val sources = "Regular start of text " + bold("with bold part") + italic("and italic ending") But there is a li...


TelegramBotAPI DSLs

In the telegram system there are two types of keyboards: Reply Inline Keyboard for each user in the chat Keyboard linked to the certain message Low-level way to create keyboard looks like in the next snippet: ReplyKeyboardMarkup( matrix { ...



Dependency installation Gradle (Groovy) implementation "dev.inmo:kslog:$kslog_version" Gradle (Kotlin Script) implementation("dev.inmo:kslog:$kslog_version") Maven (pom) <dependency> <groupId>dev.inmo</groupId> <artifactId>kslog</artifactId> <version>...



Message type noticeOn this page all the messages will be just simple String, but you may pass any object as the message As has been said in the setup section, this library contains next levels of logging with their default representations on each platform: ...

Commands plugin

TelegramBotAPI PlaguBot

Live Location

TelegramBotAPI DSLs

Bot API allows you to send live locations and update them during their lifetime. In this library there are several ways to use this API: Directly via API calls (sendLiveLocation and editLiveLocation) startLiveLocation handleLiveLocation sendLiveLocation ...

Media Groups

TelegramBotAPI Logic handling

As you know, Telegram have the feature named Media Groups. Media groups have several differences with the common messages: Each media group message contains special media group id Media group may have special caption which will be visible if only the first me...