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For the text creating there are several tools. The most simple one is to concatenate several text sources to make list of text sources as a result:

val sources = "Regular start of text " + bold("with bold part") + italic("and italic ending")

But there is a little bit more useful way: entities builder:

val items = (0 until 10).map { it.toString() }
buildEntities(" ") {// optional " " auto separator which will be pasted between text sources
    +"It is regular start too" + bold("it is bold as well")
    items.forEachIndexed { i, item ->
        if (i % 2) {
        } else {

In the code above we are creating an items list just for demonstrating that inside of buildEntities body we may use any operations for cunstructing our result list of TextSources. As a result, will be created the list which will looks like in telegram as "It is regular start too it is bold as well 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9".