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Low-level work with bots

The base version of library was done a lot of time ago and just got several additions related to improvements, updates in Telegram Bot API or some requests from our community.

Base things

There are several important things in context of this library:

So, in most cases all your request calls with simplified api of this library (like bot.getMe()) will looks like bot.execute(GetMe). Result of these calls is defined in type of any request (for example, for GetMe request the result type is ExtendedBot). As a result, you can avoid any extension api (like special API extensions) and use low level request with full controlling of the whole logic flow.

How to handle updates

As was written above, it will require some request:

val updates = bot.execute(GetUpdates())

Result type of GetUpdates request is Update. You may find inheritors of this interface in Update kdocs.

What is next?

As was said above, you may look into our API extensions in case you wish to use more high-level functions instead of bot.execute(SomeRequest()). Besides, it will be very useful to know more about updates retrieving.