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First bot

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A lot of examples with using of Telegram Bot API you can find in this github repository

The most simple bot

The most simple bot will just print information about itself. All source code you can find in this repository. Our interest here will be concentrated on the next example part:

suspend fun main(vararg args: String) {
  val botToken = args.first()
  val bot = telegramBot(botToken)

So, let's get understanding, about what is going on:

  1. suspend fun main(vararg args: String):
    • suspend required for making of requests inside of this function. For more info you can open official documentation for coroutins. In fact, suspend fun main is the same that fun main() = runBlocking {} from examples
  2. val botToken = args.first(): here we are just getting the bot token from first arguments of command line
  3. val bot = telegramBot(botToken) : inside of bot will be RequestsExecutor object which will be used for all requests in any project with this library
  4. println(bot.getMe()): here happens calling of getMe extension

As a result, we will see in the command line something like

ExtendedBot(id=ChatId(chatId=123456789), username=Username(username=@first_test_ee17e8_bot), firstName=Your bot name, lastName=, canJoinGroups=false, canReadAllGroupMessages=false, supportsInlineQueries=false)